Can’t the Republicans Hide their Racist Contempt for the President any Better?

I remember Jimmy Carter.  I remember Bill Clinton.  I also remember that the Republicans in Congress opposed both,

Official photographic portrait of US President...

Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

but not to the extent that THESE Republicans oppose President Obama.  Why?  What is the difference?

I live in Texas now, but let me return to Louisiana for a moment to perhaps provide an answer.

Part of the reason I left my home State for good is the penchant for locking people in prison—the highest rates in the world (1 in 86—double the national average)!  Most of this a result of the Drug War and most of these African-American; Blacks outnumber Whites in Louisiana prisons 5 to 1.  It has become a prison-state.

Another part of the reason I left was that I am a father now.  I simply did not want to raise my child in that racist, bigoted state.  Case in point, I personally know people who, when the President managed to get Obamacare passed, automatically opposed it at every turn—naturally, without reading it.  All they could manage to say any time our President did anything the Republican Party disagreed with was, “That Nigger this” or “This Nigger that.”  I never heard people speak in such disrespectful ways about Bill Clinton or any President for that matter.

Sure, they did not like Clinton because he is a Democrat, but never did they resort to racial slurs.  Of course not…Clinton is White.

But their disdain for President Obama goes deeper than him being a Democrat.  It is blatantly racist.  I can state that for a fact for I have heard it with my own ears.  I did not want my son learning such things…and these attitudes ARE learned.  For more on this, read my last blog.  For further proof that this Congress opposes for some reason other than getting the job done, recall Kentucky Rep. Mitch McConnell’s foolish move last week in the Senate–the guy actually filibustered his OWN bill when the Democrats (backed by Obama) were in clear support.  This is the worst Congress I have seen in my lifetime and all their racism is spewing forth like Old Faithful.

Hence, when I heard our President speak yesterday about the current fiscal crisis and the opposition he is facing from Congressional Republicans, it occurred to me that this is nothing more than additional evidence in support of the argument I make in my latest book.  Indeed, the GOP has been currying favor with the racist Southern Conservatives since Nixon and Reagan—nothing has changed.  Here is what the President said regarding the stalling that is now taking place.

 “They [the Republican’s in Congress] keep on finding ways, to say no, as opposed to finding way to say yes.  And I don’t know just how much of that has to do with, y’know, um, it, it is very hard for them, to say yes to me.  But, you know, at some point, they’ve got to take me out of it and think about their voters and think about what’s best for the country.” – President Obama at press conference Dec. 19, 2012

Now, to be fair, President Obama is trying to be the better man and avoid the race issue, but it seems obvious that this has occurred to him.  Facing facts, he has had to deal with bigots his whole life, as any Black man has, and racism is not hard to recognize.  In his speech, he seemed to have a hard time coming to grips with the attitude displayed by these bigots.  Watch the video on the TYT network here and decide for yourself.

I can assure you, on watching it, if you are White, you may not get what I am saying, but anyone Black surely will.  The understanding of the true nature of the situation is between the lines.  Our President is being very Presidential and good for him.

Of course, President Obama also mistakenly thinks that these rascals will have to think of their constituents and do what is best for the nation.  Why?  They have not for the last 40 years, so it does not seem likely they will begin now.

No, these power-lusting bigots have been destroying the lives of Americans, most notably African-American’s through use of the Drug War for the last 40 years.  They don’t give two shits for America…they only care about their power.

I recently saw on Facebook how one such racist from my home town accused the President of signing several thousand executive orders all while claiming that Bush only signed 7.  I did the research and to date, President Obama has been fairly conservative in using them, especially compared to Republican Presidents.  I added the correction to the thread, but only received a vicious attack for telling the truth, which I had researched in the national records.

Mr. Obama, I have a suggestion.  If the GOP wants to play hardball, let them.  You have the support of the nation.  Show Congress to the exit and get started with those Executive Orders.  If we have learned anything from Fox “News” and the GOP, it is that if you tell a lie long enough and loud enough, people will believe it.  So you have nothing to lose in writing those orders and doing what you see best, for they already have their lies prepared.  Just do the job we entrusted you with, Congress be damned.  That is all we ask.

You are the most Presidential President I have seen in my lifetime and I am nearly 50, you are a leader, perhaps the first I have seen in that office.  We are your people…all of us.  We deserve your leadership now…won’t you give it?