Tarantino – Could I Get a BETTER Tacit Endorsement for My Book?

I was watching today’s The Young Turks on YouTube and to my surprise, they discussed comments made by Quentin

English: Quentin Tarantino in Paris at the Cés...

English: Quentin Tarantino in Paris at the César awards ceremony Français : Quentin Tarantino à la cérémonie des César du cinéma (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tarantino that the Drug War amounts to Modern Slavery.  In addition, host Cenk Uygur makes the comment that some books recently have noted that this is nothing more than Jim Crow laws revisited.  To see the video, click here.

I couldn’t agree more, for my recent book, The Cowards in Charge: “The Whole Problem is Really with the Blacks” makes both of these points.  However, I go much further.

The point I make in my new book is that this assault is a continuation of a political strategy begun by Richard Nixon back in the 1960s to curry favor with the Southern Democrats, who were largely conservative and racist.  In fact, these racists were angered by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the ensuing Voting Rights Act of 1965, both of which were bills introduced by John F. Kennedy in discussions with Republican Leaders.  Interestingly enough, Republicans in Congress continued the work begun by JFK and these bills gains greater support from Republicans in Congress than from Democrats.

Of course, to be fair, this is because the Democrats that opposed the bills were ALL from Southern Conservative Democratic stronghold States.

So Nixon cunningly used this opposition to restructure the GOP so as to win these votes.  How successful was he?

For evidence, we need only look at the last elections.  Mitt Romney only took 206 Electoral votes.  Of these, 148 were from the very States that opposed these Bills.  That amounts to 72% of his support.  So clearly, Nixon was very successful in turning the Republican Party into a racist arm of Southern Conservatives.

For further proof, all one needs to do is watch Fox “News,” but beware, just watch enough to see the truth—according to numerous studies done in recent years, watching this too much will lead to becoming less informed abut facts.

Not sure you agree with this statement?

Then check out this segment from The Young Turks, wherein they discuss some recent terrorist attacks conducted by Republicans who only get their information from Fox “News.”  Indeed, the GOP has become an arm that is killing our nation from within, but this is not new—it is part of the strategy begun under Nixon.

If you want to know how to turn the tide by both stopping the Drug War and saving African-American communities, get a copy of my latest book, The Cowards in Charge: “The Whole Problem is Really with the Blacks,” now on Amazon.


Can’t the Republicans Hide their Racist Contempt for the President any Better?

I remember Jimmy Carter.  I remember Bill Clinton.  I also remember that the Republicans in Congress opposed both,

Official photographic portrait of US President...

Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

but not to the extent that THESE Republicans oppose President Obama.  Why?  What is the difference?

I live in Texas now, but let me return to Louisiana for a moment to perhaps provide an answer.

Part of the reason I left my home State for good is the penchant for locking people in prison—the highest rates in the world (1 in 86—double the national average)!  Most of this a result of the Drug War and most of these African-American; Blacks outnumber Whites in Louisiana prisons 5 to 1.  It has become a prison-state.

Another part of the reason I left was that I am a father now.  I simply did not want to raise my child in that racist, bigoted state.  Case in point, I personally know people who, when the President managed to get Obamacare passed, automatically opposed it at every turn—naturally, without reading it.  All they could manage to say any time our President did anything the Republican Party disagreed with was, “That Nigger this” or “This Nigger that.”  I never heard people speak in such disrespectful ways about Bill Clinton or any President for that matter.

Sure, they did not like Clinton because he is a Democrat, but never did they resort to racial slurs.  Of course not…Clinton is White.

But their disdain for President Obama goes deeper than him being a Democrat.  It is blatantly racist.  I can state that for a fact for I have heard it with my own ears.  I did not want my son learning such things…and these attitudes ARE learned.  For more on this, read my last blog.  For further proof that this Congress opposes for some reason other than getting the job done, recall Kentucky Rep. Mitch McConnell’s foolish move last week in the Senate–the guy actually filibustered his OWN bill when the Democrats (backed by Obama) were in clear support.  This is the worst Congress I have seen in my lifetime and all their racism is spewing forth like Old Faithful.

Hence, when I heard our President speak yesterday about the current fiscal crisis and the opposition he is facing from Congressional Republicans, it occurred to me that this is nothing more than additional evidence in support of the argument I make in my latest book.  Indeed, the GOP has been currying favor with the racist Southern Conservatives since Nixon and Reagan—nothing has changed.  Here is what the President said regarding the stalling that is now taking place.

 “They [the Republican’s in Congress] keep on finding ways, to say no, as opposed to finding way to say yes.  And I don’t know just how much of that has to do with, y’know, um, it, it is very hard for them, to say yes to me.  But, you know, at some point, they’ve got to take me out of it and think about their voters and think about what’s best for the country.” – President Obama at press conference Dec. 19, 2012

Now, to be fair, President Obama is trying to be the better man and avoid the race issue, but it seems obvious that this has occurred to him.  Facing facts, he has had to deal with bigots his whole life, as any Black man has, and racism is not hard to recognize.  In his speech, he seemed to have a hard time coming to grips with the attitude displayed by these bigots.  Watch the video on the TYT network here and decide for yourself.

I can assure you, on watching it, if you are White, you may not get what I am saying, but anyone Black surely will.  The understanding of the true nature of the situation is between the lines.  Our President is being very Presidential and good for him.

Of course, President Obama also mistakenly thinks that these rascals will have to think of their constituents and do what is best for the nation.  Why?  They have not for the last 40 years, so it does not seem likely they will begin now.

No, these power-lusting bigots have been destroying the lives of Americans, most notably African-American’s through use of the Drug War for the last 40 years.  They don’t give two shits for America…they only care about their power.

I recently saw on Facebook how one such racist from my home town accused the President of signing several thousand executive orders all while claiming that Bush only signed 7.  I did the research and to date, President Obama has been fairly conservative in using them, especially compared to Republican Presidents.  I added the correction to the thread, but only received a vicious attack for telling the truth, which I had researched in the national records.

Mr. Obama, I have a suggestion.  If the GOP wants to play hardball, let them.  You have the support of the nation.  Show Congress to the exit and get started with those Executive Orders.  If we have learned anything from Fox “News” and the GOP, it is that if you tell a lie long enough and loud enough, people will believe it.  So you have nothing to lose in writing those orders and doing what you see best, for they already have their lies prepared.  Just do the job we entrusted you with, Congress be damned.  That is all we ask.

You are the most Presidential President I have seen in my lifetime and I am nearly 50, you are a leader, perhaps the first I have seen in that office.  We are your people…all of us.  We deserve your leadership now…won’t you give it?

A Challenge to ALL White Americans…Can You Handle This?

A black child, Chicago. - NARA - 556138

A black child, Chicago. – NARA – 556138 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Have you ever been singled out because of your race?


I have and perhaps I am one of the few White people in the nation to have had this happen in a clearly noticeable way.  To this day, I recall how uncomfortable it made me feel and perhaps this is why I am as outspoken about racism as I am.


I was in second grade.  We had moved into a predominantly Black part of town and I was taken to the Elementary School.  I always loved school so I was excited to be going to a new one.  I liked meeting new people.  On meeting the Principal, who was African-American, I was taken to my home room.  The teacher, who was also Black, had a couple of students move so that I was sitting beside the only other White child in the entire school.


The year was 1972 and although segregation in schools occurred many years earlier, Louisiana was way behind in getting the memo.


I still do not know why, but I took an almost instant dislike to this girl, preferring instead the boy sitting on the other side.  He and I became friends.  But the girl, I did not like her.


As time passed, I was forced to work with this girl on team assignments.  I asked the teacher not to, but she told me that it was best that I work with someone of my own race.  At the time, I did not know what “race” meant and when I got home that night, I asked my parents, telling them that I did not like the girl and wanted instead to work with my friend.


My father was angry and went to the school to confront the teacher and Principal.  They tried to explain to him that it was in my best interests that I work with someone of my own “race.”  I still did not understand, but my father removed me from that school that very moment.  He did not hesitate and we moved to another part of town that week.


Why do I tell this story?


Because I don’t believe that many White people understand what African-American’s go through EVERY DAY of their lives.  It is a humiliation and it crushes the human spirit.  Such things are a blatant disregard for the principles upon which this nation was founded and should not be permitted.

Also, something I figured out early was that racism and bigotry must be learned.  As a child, I did not have it and certainly none of the kids in that school had the disease, for we all played, learned, and like each other, for the most part.  It was the teachers and Principal who were teaching us to be racist–and they were Black.  But that is what they learned and they were simply trying to avoid trouble (likely from the white population in the city).  Their fear caused them to inadvertently promote racism.   That is what fear does.


I have actually two challenges for anyone who wants to understand.


The first is really very simple.  Go to the mall and ask everyone you see, especially Black people, if they know anyone in jail or prison.   You will likely not have many Whites answer “yes” but undoubtedly, virtually every African-American will.  This is because currently, 1 in 6 Black males have been to prison because of the Drug War and it is anticipated that 1 in 4 will do so at some point in their lives.


This is simply unacceptable and contributes to humiliation and the crushing of the human spirit as sure as occurs with a 7-year-old child forced to befriend someone he does not like, based on race.  Which, brings me to the second challenge.


Find some place where there are only Black people associating with each other, an all-black bar is a great place to try this.  I have done this many times over the years and have gotten the same results again and again.  See what happens.


Here is what happens every time I try it.


First, few will even speak to me unless I speak first and even then, I get the impression that they cannot get away from me quick enough.  After some time, I will be approached by bouncers and asked to speak with the owner of the club.  The owner always apologizes and asks me to leave, offering my cover charge back.  The last time this happened was at Festival City in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  The owner, Tony, said that he was afraid that he could not protect me and it would be best if I left.  I did.


Now, here is what you will learn from this if you are brave enough to try it.  (Of course, I hope you have a different experience, for I would like to think this is isolated to just a few places around the nation)  The first time I went to such a club, I was simply looking for a place where I could enjoy some old R & B, for I love the music (I love all music really).  I was rather nervous, as I was the only White man there.  There were White women, but no men.


However, what I learned was that the people there were more afraid of me than I of them…and I was greatly outnumbered.  Why?


Suspicion and lack of understanding.  People usually react with fear when they do not understand something.  They could not understand what this White guy was doing in their club…such things just did not happen.  The conclusion, as explained to me by Tony, was that many believed I was the law.  And since there was some illegal activity (Blunts were everywhere but none did share) they were understandably nervous.  It never occurred to them that I was there for the music and that ignorance created suspicion–which could have led to unnecessary violence, against me.


So be warned, if you do try this, be ready for anything.  Because you may not be as fortunate as I.


And for those who are going to make some bold claim that this would not happen in a White bar, think again.  Right down the road from Festival City is a club that most Black people in the area know to avoid.  The bigot rednecks will not complain to the management…they will just attack.


The fact is that we have a long way to go yet, but I really believe the first step is in ending the racist Drug War.  All it does is continue a climate of fear of each other.


If you want to know more about how this War is promoting racism in America, Read my book, The Cowards in Charge: “The Whole Problem is Really with the Blacks,” now at Amazon.


And be sure to read The Republican Party’s Assault on Black Communities if you want to understand how some are using race to secure power, to the destruction of us all.





Cool. Got my First Hate-Review of My New Book. Unfortunately…

Here is the first Hate-Review of my new book, The Cowards in Charge: “The Whole Problem is Really with the Blacks.”

Here it is…

“1.0 out of 5 stars Myopic, Racist , December 19, 2012

“By Robert Mc Kercher “Intellectual Migrant Worker” (Washington State) –

See all my reviews (REAL NAME)

Cowards in charge book cover

A scathing denunciation of the Republican Party and its role in the US Drug War. This book outlines President Nixon’s agenda to gain power by aligning the Republican Party with Southern Democrats after the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. In addition, the book charges that the GOP has remained complicit in maintaining the Drug War at the expense of African-Americans for the purpose of retaining power through the appeasement of Southern Conservatives.

“This review is from: Cowards in Charge: “The Whole Problem is Really with the Blacks” (Kindle Edition)  The author is a racist. The author hates the Republican party. Now you don’t have to waste your time reading this poor excuse of writing. The adage “When you’re a hammer, everything lookslike a nail.” is thoroughly demonstrated here.  There are much better-written and intellectually honest criticisms available.”

But sadly, Mr. McKercher did not actually READ my book.  I know this because he is the first and only person to comment on the book and in checking my stats on Amazon, guess what?

I checked, and he neither BOUGHT a copy, nor took advantage of the free copies provided until tomorrow, NOR borrowed a copy in the Kindle Library–this means, sadly, he crafted his “review” based on the title and promotional copy you see to the right.

See, had he taken advantage of the free promo going on right now, he COULD have actually read the book and provided a real review, but this person is one of those whom Mark Twain described when he said,

“In religion and politics,
most people get their opinions second-hand,
from those who have got their opinions second-hand,
from those whose opinions aren’t worth a brass farthing.”


Thus, according to the great writer, Mark Twain, Mr. McKercher’s opinions aren’t worth a brass farthing, whether this review is his own opinion or not–which I am guessing it is.

What is a brass farthing worth?

Well, when Mark Twain wrote those words, the farthing was the smallest coin minted by the British crown and it was worth about one quarter of a penny sterling–sterling silver.  Hence, while a farthing was only 1/4 of a penny, it was silver.  So a BRASS farthing would be fair to say, worthless.

I really love this “opinion” and Hate-Review because it certainly highlights the very point I have made in my book, namely, that the Republican Party has done such a great job at getting people to be mindless automatons, that they are able to use heinous policies like the Drug War to create divisions among our people.  These divisions are slowly and surely destroying our country–all for the sake of that Party’s Lust for Power.

Mc Kercher is right about one thing–I DO hate the Republican Party.  I hate that this Party, of which I was once a proud member, is so utterly destructive to our nation and people.  Of that, I am not ashamed, for I only reached this opinion after years of research and soul-searching.

If you would like to read the book, The Cowards in Charge: “The Whole Problem is Really with the Blacks” for yourself and make up your own mind, it is still available free of charge on Amazon through Thursday, December 19.  Just follow the link above in the title and get your copy today.

And hurry, there are only 27 free copies available.

The Right to Bear Arms…But By Whom?

The Second Amendment states,

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

For years, I have been a staunch advocate of the right of the people to keep weapons against the possibility of Government infringement of rights, but recently, I had an epiphany.  In watching an episode of The Young Turks on

English: From wikipedia; originally uploaded t...

English: From wikipedia; originally uploaded to wikipedia by (67 KB) user:MinnesotaNationalGuard 18:57, 11 December 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Youtube, I was reminded of something which I had forgotten.  So I had to reread the 2nd Amendment and think back to the time when I served in the National Guard.

Prior to joining the National Guard, I had studied in High School about the State Militias, the Minutemen, who fought the Revolutionary War.  In studying the arguments in the Continental Congress in drafting the Bill of Rights, those men recalled the time when King George sought to disarm the colonies, which made it difficult for those colonies to fight the Revolution.  In fact, were it not for the French in supplying the colonies, they surely would have lost the struggle.

So they ratified the 2nd Amendment to protect the States from potential tyranny from the new centrally structured Federal Government created by the Constitution.

In that Youtube video, producer Steve Oh, made an observation that I had forgotten.  Prior to the rise of the NRA in 1977, Americans understood this amendment to apply to the States.  That is, just as I had learned, the 2nd Amendment protected the rights of the STATES (which, at that time, were independent countries bound by a Constitution–which simply is a contract) to maintain their own militia as they saw fit.

Has the Right to Bear Arms been Infringed in any way?

Certainly not, for every Governor of every State has a “well armed militia” known as the National Guard.  Even though the regular Army guys would often deride us as “weekend warriors,” I was proud to serve as a modern Minuteman.  I was part of a proud tradition–the “well armed militia” spoken of in the 2nd Amendment.

The recent shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School along with James Holmes in Colorado among others, has recently brought the issue of gun control back into the National spotlight.  Although I believed in private gun rights, I was having a difficult time reconciling this belief with the facts surrounding the violence in which we face.  To be clear, I do not believe that the removal of guns from private citizens will solve the underlying issues that are resulting in these crimes, but is will stop the needless killing.

What are the underlying causes of these shootings?

That is why this blog is appearing here.

As I dig deeper and deeper into the lust for Power displayed by the Republican Party, I am growing more and more disturbed.  Indeed, I understand that one of the fundamental needs of humans is a need to control one’s own destiny, that is, we all have a need for control, or power, over our own lives.

The Drug War has stripped many of that control.  The constant drumming of claims of rising crime rates (even when these drop) by the GOP and Republican-led media arms, continues to foster a climate of fear.  The continued cry of the NRA and the GOP that unless we all have weapons, we need to fear our Government is only adding to that climate.

What is the Natural Reaction to Fear and Powerlessness?

These insidious men and women who continue to spread this fear know very well how to retain their power, which is what this is all about…spread fear.  People will make any compromise and go to any lengths when they are in fear of losing their freedom…their freewill.  But this Party, CLAIMING to serve God, are bent on doing something even God himself does not do…strip the public of freewill.  They do this to retain power.

But the jig is up.  People are beginning to wake up to the fact that starting with Nixon, continued by Reagan, and the rest of the so-called “leaders’ of the GOP, all their lies and blatant disregard for facts are nothing more than efforts to cheat the American people of the Government which they deserve.

I am getting the impression that this shift in beliefs about weapons rights is just another part of the Republican strategy to control America.

If you pay attention, you will see that more often than not, those who strike out violently in this way are either Republicans or Conservatives.  This is because these are the people listening to the bile coming from Fox “News” every day that they need to fear the Government, the foreigners, and even their own families.  Fear is promoted at every turn and fear always results in heinous activities.

Even if Congress were to ban all weapons from individual citizens today, the States will still have their militias and as such, the 2nd Amendment will have not “infringed” on anyone’s rights.  As it stands currently, the higher right to life is certainly being infringed upon by those listening to this fear-mongering bile spewing from the mouths of Republicans.

Isn’t it about time we grow a set of balls in this nation and stop listening to those liars and naysayers?

Isn’t it about time we learn to have faith in the Great American Experiment started over 200 years ago?

Isn’t it about time we stop fearing our Government, those who are different, and each other?

Isn’t it about time we stop the Drug War that is continuing this climate of fear by pitting our African-American brothers and sisters against the rest?

Isn’t it about time?

If you would like to know more about how the GOP starting with Nixon and Reagan is fostering fear through the cunning use of the Drug War and War on Crime, read The Cowards in Charge: “The Whole Problem is Really with the Blacks” now on Amazon.  Just follow the link in the title above.  And until December 20, 2012, Amazon is giving away free copies, but hurry, I just checked and there are only 27 Free copies remaining.

Read more about the Republican Party’s assault on Black Communities.

Read how Reagan cunningly won the hearts of racist Southern Democrats to gain power through fear.

How Reagan Won the Hearts (and votes) of Southern Conservatives

Prior to the Voting Rights Act of 1965, most Southern Conservatives were Democrats.   At this time, the Democratic

Reagan in Black Face

Reagan, through his Drug War policies did more to suppress African-Americans than any other President, earning him the Jim Crow Black Face

Party was split between those who believed in liberal ideologies and those who believed in States Rights and conservative ideals.  The Republican Party had traditionally been the “Party of Lincoln,” the party that freed the slaves and brought about positive changes to the nation.  However, after FDR, that changed.

To be sure, FDR was strongly conservative and his policies were as well, but he was a Democrat who won support nationwide.  For the next 30 years, Republicans simply could not gain control over Washington and by the time Nixon entered the arena, the GOP was desperate to regain influence in DC politics.  Looking back, it certainly made sense to the Party that to regain power, the Party needed to become more conservative and less liberal.

Then, Republican Chief Justice Earl Warren opened the door to changes that would send shivers down the spines of Southern Democrats, who were largely conservative and very racist.  In Brown v. Board of Education, the U.S. Supreme Court ended segregation in schools.   Then the Court made other changes that pleased Democrats in the north as well as liberal-leaning Republicans, but set the stage for limited abuses in the Criminal Justice arena.

Nixon entered with a solution:  Shift away from the liberal side and become strongly conservative, at the same time woo the Southern Democrats with promises to return to the days of Jim Crow laws.  By using catch-phrases like “States Rights” and “Traditional Family Values,” Southern Democrats got the message.

But Nixon lost the gains he had made by discrediting the GOP for a time with the Watergate Scandal.

Enter Reagan.

Reagan promised the same things that Nixon promised and expanded the Drug War in his bid to retain the votes of Southern Democrats.  The ploy worked and the south never voted Democrat again.

How did he do this?

The key tool was Cocaine, which we now know Reagan boosted in America by protecting shipments into Miami for the supposed sake of funneling money to the Sandinista Rebels.  By the time Reagan left office, the supplied of Coke in America had increased despite growing demand and prices were lower.   At the same time, Crack became an issue in the nation and Reagan crafted a series of bills to increase penalties for crack possession while not affecting similar penalties for the possession of powder cocaine.

This had the effect of increasing penalties on African-Americans, who were more likely to be in possession of Crack (mostly as dealers) than powder.  This is ironic considering that crack is closer to the natural form than powder.  But considering the intent of the legislation, namely to bolster support among racist Southern Democrats, it all makes perfect sense.

Indeed, since then, the disparities in the criminal justice system relating to Black arrests, convictions, and time incarcerated has become such that any thinking person now understands that discrimination must be at play.

Indeed, Reagan cunningly used the Black community as a pawn to gaining power for the GOP by winning favor with the racist Southern Conservatives.

It became, as H.R. Haldeman, Nixon” Right-Hand man stated in his Diaries, published in 1994,

He [Nixon] emphasized that you have to face the fact that the whole problem is really with the blacks.  The key is to devise a system that recognizes this while not appearing to.

Nixon devised the system and the GOP, starting with Reagan has kept that system in place to retain their power.  Disgusting.  Unless, of course, you are a Southern Conservative.  Then it is nothing short of Brilliance.

To learn more, read my book on Amazon, The Cowards in Charge: “The Whole Problem is Really with the Blacks.

If you act before December 20, 2012, you may receive a free copy on Amazon, but there only remain about 2 dozen so act now.

The Republican Party’s Assault on Black Communities

I know this is going to ruffle feathers and at my age, I am no longer concerned.  I must speak the truth and show the facts,

Richard Nixon in Blackface

Racist Richard Nixon vows to stop crime and drugs with a return to “family values” and States Rights, winning the votes of Southern Democrats eager for a return to Jim Crow laws.

no matter where these lead.

I am a former Republican, having entered the Party during the reign of Ronald Reagan.  I was one of those who listened to the Great Communicator and was convinced that the nation needed to get control over fiscal policy and the problem of drugs in our society.  However, the 90s came along, Newt Gingrich started his “Contract with America,” and something strange happened.

Fiscal responsibility went out the window.

That got me to thinking…Why was the Republican Party, for all their talk of getting the debt under control, suddenly turning into the Party of spend-like-who-gives-a-crap-about-our-kids Party?  What changed?

Actually, nothing changed between Reagan and Gingrich.  As I began to dig into the evidence, I uncovered a sinister plot to gain power in Washington and in 2001, I wrote a book on the Drug War I titled, “Spineless:  How Weak Politician’s Have Botched the Drug War and How we can Still Win.”  However, given the political climate under George W. Bush and the so-called USA PATRIOT Act, I determined that the language was too strong and would need to be softened lest I be labeled a terrorist.  I became an Independent around that time and turned away from the GOP.

I still wondered why the Republican Party, long-known for fiscal conservatism and responsible government, suddenly changed, or appeared to do so.  Then I put the pieces together when I made the connection between Richard Nixon, the Drug War, fiscal policy, and the racial sentencing disparities in the Criminal Justice System, especially as it related to the Drug War.

What I found was that the GOP had not had any real power in Washington in over 30 years leading up to Nixon’s victory in 1968.  What I found was that Nixon gained his victory by currying favor with Southern Democrats, who were disgusted at the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the ensuing Voting Rights Act of 1965.  He won the election, but only because the vote was split by the Independent racist George McGovern.  However, by the next election cycle, Southern Democrats strongly supported Nixon.

They did this because racist Nixon cunningly promised them a return to the days of Jim Crow.  Did he keep his promise?

Indeed, by starting the Drug War, Nixon set in motion a plan that would suppress Black voters which would win over the racist Southern Democrats and give the GOP a strong base of support.  After Reagan, the south never voted Democrat again, for Reagan stepped up efforts to suppress Black communities by expanding the Drug War.  More to come on this, but suffice to say that the bigots in the “Party of Lincoln” were not content to use the power of economic suppression against only Blacks and have expanded that policy by driving the nation to near bankruptcy for their own selfish political gain.

If you would like to know more, read my book, The Cowards in Charge:  “The Whole Problem is Really with the Blacks” now on Amazon.  Through December 20, 2012, Amazon is giving away free copies, but only about 25 remain so act now.