Cool. Got my First Hate-Review of My New Book. Unfortunately…

Here is the first Hate-Review of my new book, The Cowards in Charge: “The Whole Problem is Really with the Blacks.”

Here it is…

“1.0 out of 5 stars Myopic, Racist , December 19, 2012

“By Robert Mc Kercher “Intellectual Migrant Worker” (Washington State) –

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Cowards in charge book cover

A scathing denunciation of the Republican Party and its role in the US Drug War. This book outlines President Nixon’s agenda to gain power by aligning the Republican Party with Southern Democrats after the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. In addition, the book charges that the GOP has remained complicit in maintaining the Drug War at the expense of African-Americans for the purpose of retaining power through the appeasement of Southern Conservatives.

“This review is from: Cowards in Charge: “The Whole Problem is Really with the Blacks” (Kindle Edition)  The author is a racist. The author hates the Republican party. Now you don’t have to waste your time reading this poor excuse of writing. The adage “When you’re a hammer, everything lookslike a nail.” is thoroughly demonstrated here.  There are much better-written and intellectually honest criticisms available.”

But sadly, Mr. McKercher did not actually READ my book.  I know this because he is the first and only person to comment on the book and in checking my stats on Amazon, guess what?

I checked, and he neither BOUGHT a copy, nor took advantage of the free copies provided until tomorrow, NOR borrowed a copy in the Kindle Library–this means, sadly, he crafted his “review” based on the title and promotional copy you see to the right.

See, had he taken advantage of the free promo going on right now, he COULD have actually read the book and provided a real review, but this person is one of those whom Mark Twain described when he said,

“In religion and politics,
most people get their opinions second-hand,
from those who have got their opinions second-hand,
from those whose opinions aren’t worth a brass farthing.”


Thus, according to the great writer, Mark Twain, Mr. McKercher’s opinions aren’t worth a brass farthing, whether this review is his own opinion or not–which I am guessing it is.

What is a brass farthing worth?

Well, when Mark Twain wrote those words, the farthing was the smallest coin minted by the British crown and it was worth about one quarter of a penny sterling–sterling silver.  Hence, while a farthing was only 1/4 of a penny, it was silver.  So a BRASS farthing would be fair to say, worthless.

I really love this “opinion” and Hate-Review because it certainly highlights the very point I have made in my book, namely, that the Republican Party has done such a great job at getting people to be mindless automatons, that they are able to use heinous policies like the Drug War to create divisions among our people.  These divisions are slowly and surely destroying our country–all for the sake of that Party’s Lust for Power.

Mc Kercher is right about one thing–I DO hate the Republican Party.  I hate that this Party, of which I was once a proud member, is so utterly destructive to our nation and people.  Of that, I am not ashamed, for I only reached this opinion after years of research and soul-searching.

If you would like to read the book, The Cowards in Charge: “The Whole Problem is Really with the Blacks” for yourself and make up your own mind, it is still available free of charge on Amazon through Thursday, December 19.  Just follow the link above in the title and get your copy today.

And hurry, there are only 27 free copies available.


The Right to Bear Arms…But By Whom?

The Second Amendment states,

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

For years, I have been a staunch advocate of the right of the people to keep weapons against the possibility of Government infringement of rights, but recently, I had an epiphany.  In watching an episode of The Young Turks on

English: From wikipedia; originally uploaded t...

English: From wikipedia; originally uploaded to wikipedia by (67 KB) user:MinnesotaNationalGuard 18:57, 11 December 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Youtube, I was reminded of something which I had forgotten.  So I had to reread the 2nd Amendment and think back to the time when I served in the National Guard.

Prior to joining the National Guard, I had studied in High School about the State Militias, the Minutemen, who fought the Revolutionary War.  In studying the arguments in the Continental Congress in drafting the Bill of Rights, those men recalled the time when King George sought to disarm the colonies, which made it difficult for those colonies to fight the Revolution.  In fact, were it not for the French in supplying the colonies, they surely would have lost the struggle.

So they ratified the 2nd Amendment to protect the States from potential tyranny from the new centrally structured Federal Government created by the Constitution.

In that Youtube video, producer Steve Oh, made an observation that I had forgotten.  Prior to the rise of the NRA in 1977, Americans understood this amendment to apply to the States.  That is, just as I had learned, the 2nd Amendment protected the rights of the STATES (which, at that time, were independent countries bound by a Constitution–which simply is a contract) to maintain their own militia as they saw fit.

Has the Right to Bear Arms been Infringed in any way?

Certainly not, for every Governor of every State has a “well armed militia” known as the National Guard.  Even though the regular Army guys would often deride us as “weekend warriors,” I was proud to serve as a modern Minuteman.  I was part of a proud tradition–the “well armed militia” spoken of in the 2nd Amendment.

The recent shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School along with James Holmes in Colorado among others, has recently brought the issue of gun control back into the National spotlight.  Although I believed in private gun rights, I was having a difficult time reconciling this belief with the facts surrounding the violence in which we face.  To be clear, I do not believe that the removal of guns from private citizens will solve the underlying issues that are resulting in these crimes, but is will stop the needless killing.

What are the underlying causes of these shootings?

That is why this blog is appearing here.

As I dig deeper and deeper into the lust for Power displayed by the Republican Party, I am growing more and more disturbed.  Indeed, I understand that one of the fundamental needs of humans is a need to control one’s own destiny, that is, we all have a need for control, or power, over our own lives.

The Drug War has stripped many of that control.  The constant drumming of claims of rising crime rates (even when these drop) by the GOP and Republican-led media arms, continues to foster a climate of fear.  The continued cry of the NRA and the GOP that unless we all have weapons, we need to fear our Government is only adding to that climate.

What is the Natural Reaction to Fear and Powerlessness?

These insidious men and women who continue to spread this fear know very well how to retain their power, which is what this is all about…spread fear.  People will make any compromise and go to any lengths when they are in fear of losing their freedom…their freewill.  But this Party, CLAIMING to serve God, are bent on doing something even God himself does not do…strip the public of freewill.  They do this to retain power.

But the jig is up.  People are beginning to wake up to the fact that starting with Nixon, continued by Reagan, and the rest of the so-called “leaders’ of the GOP, all their lies and blatant disregard for facts are nothing more than efforts to cheat the American people of the Government which they deserve.

I am getting the impression that this shift in beliefs about weapons rights is just another part of the Republican strategy to control America.

If you pay attention, you will see that more often than not, those who strike out violently in this way are either Republicans or Conservatives.  This is because these are the people listening to the bile coming from Fox “News” every day that they need to fear the Government, the foreigners, and even their own families.  Fear is promoted at every turn and fear always results in heinous activities.

Even if Congress were to ban all weapons from individual citizens today, the States will still have their militias and as such, the 2nd Amendment will have not “infringed” on anyone’s rights.  As it stands currently, the higher right to life is certainly being infringed upon by those listening to this fear-mongering bile spewing from the mouths of Republicans.

Isn’t it about time we grow a set of balls in this nation and stop listening to those liars and naysayers?

Isn’t it about time we learn to have faith in the Great American Experiment started over 200 years ago?

Isn’t it about time we stop fearing our Government, those who are different, and each other?

Isn’t it about time we stop the Drug War that is continuing this climate of fear by pitting our African-American brothers and sisters against the rest?

Isn’t it about time?

If you would like to know more about how the GOP starting with Nixon and Reagan is fostering fear through the cunning use of the Drug War and War on Crime, read The Cowards in Charge: “The Whole Problem is Really with the Blacks” now on Amazon.  Just follow the link in the title above.  And until December 20, 2012, Amazon is giving away free copies, but hurry, I just checked and there are only 27 Free copies remaining.

Read more about the Republican Party’s assault on Black Communities.

Read how Reagan cunningly won the hearts of racist Southern Democrats to gain power through fear.